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We Are Family In Music
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Hello and welcome to LayZee's brand new site. We really do hope you have fun looking around. We have included in this one. Videos and a music player with the newest releases. We are going to add a photo gallery, Fan Photo Gallery and our site links. Plus you have the chance to add your photos with or of LayZee. We are still working to add many more features that we hope you will like. But still keeping it simple and straight forward. So Please feel free to look around. ENJOY! Thank you!!!


Check out what's new and what's happen with LayZee
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Learn all about LayZee's career from the early days till now.
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Take a look at all the projects and productions LayZee has been involved in over the years.
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Tour Dates

Stay up to date and in touch with LayZee's tour. Don't miss a single show.
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Online Stores

Looking for a product? Start here!
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Don't miss your favorite video, or brand new videos with LayZee.
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Your next event will not be complete without LayZee. Requests for shows, events and parties TV and guest Appearances are all welcome. Just fill out the form on the request page.
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