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We Are Family In Music
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LayZee and Cristobal - Tonight from LayZee on Vimeo.

It's finally here LayZee and Cristobal - Tonight in all major online stores.

LayZee and Cristobal - Tonight Trailer 4 from LayZee on Vimeo.

Check out the new trailer with LayZee and Cristobal - Tonight.

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Now 3 weeks and No. 8 in the charts a month before the release date of 14.02.2013 and 'Tonight' is still moving up the Dj Dance International Charts thanks to the Dj's who are both playing and tipping to song. Thanks to them, LayZee and Cristobal keep moving in an upward trend, well before the Dj promotion champagne has really even started. So well done and a big thanks to the Dj's for getting the song into the top 10.

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Only after one week in the German International promotion pool 'Tonight' has gone from an incredible 0 to Number 14 in the charts, in it's first week. With 5 weeks to go before it's release date. Making it the highest new entry this week in the Dj charts. Also the highest new entry for LayZee, Cristobal and Diezel Records. Thanks to the support of all the German DJ's,who at this point we would like to thank. Keep supporting and let's see if we can get that Nr. 1 spot.

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The 19th December 2012 was the date for the video shoot of 'Tonight' The video was made in one of Hannover's top clubs. Club 301 who open there and welcome LayZee and crew for the shoot. The story was written by producer Hitschemde-Hamburg and featured Cristobal Morene. Winner of Popstars and former member of the group 2012. He also went no to become one of the finalist of the talent 'The Winner Is' with Linda DeMol and Mousse T. He wrote and demo the song with Hitschimde-Hamburg and as LayZee heard the song he recognized Cristobal's Voice right away and ask weather Cristobal would like to feature with him on the track. Not that Hitschime-Hamburg and feature of LayZee's sommer hit 'Summertime' Kendrick is also appearing in the video as LayZee friends. Who try to attract the ladies attention, who only seem to really interested in LayZee. Well you'll have to see what happens in the video. But the guys and the crew had a lot of fun along with all the models that were invited to appear as well. The video is planned to air in late January. After that the single will appear in all major online store. So it's up to all of our fan community to join up and start downloading on the week of release. This way we are sure to get the song in the German Media Charts. If everyone pulls with us.

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New single from Layzee's forthcoming album to be released in February 2013. The single was premiered at the BVD Gala in October of 2012. Which got a very warm welcome by German Dj's from around the country. The team are now working on getting the video in the can before the Christmas Holidays. Planned is also a nation wide DJ promotion with a club promotion. The is already being supported by fashion label and retailers Wormland also BVD, Pool Position, Plattenman and CO-2 Promotion.

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Alida featuring LayZee - My Life seems to be running up the Swiss dance charts. Coming in at No. 90. It moved to No. 80 before to everyone surprise peaking at No. 25. Which is a great position for a total newcomer. Alida also took a look in at the Austrian dance charts and it still is not over yet. Plans are also being made for a club tour in Switzerland and Germany in 2013.

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Fabiola Roudha met LayZee over the social music net work Reverbnation were they ask LayZee straight away would he be interested in working with Fabiola. LayZee listen to only a few notes of Fabiola's voice and said yes. This girl has an amazing voice which is full to the top with soul. They both set to work and penned the song 'Atrapada' which means 'Bewitch' in context. That was 2011 this year Fabiola and LayZee has won the Guatemalan music prize for the best collaboration and Fabiola also took the prize for best newcomer 2012. Now that what we call news! Well done LayZee and Fabiola. LayZee plans to release the song on his forthcoming album so that everyone can get the chance to enjoy it.

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The good news doesn't stop there Mirami have been nominated in 3 categories for their collaboration with LayZee. 'Summer Dreams' has been Nominated for Best single, Best Video and Best Song. For the Ukraine Music Awards 2012. Let's see if LayZee will be an award winner there as well.

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