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We Are Family In Music
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In 2011 LayZee met the girls and the management of Mirami at a festival in Slovakia. The management asked LayZee is he would be interested in working together on a project. They sent LayZee the song 'Summer Dreams' which felt like it was made for both acts. As LayZee finished producing his Rap and sent it to the producers of Mirami. They were on fire for the track. Both acts then set about working on the video. Which was shot in Alicante in Spain in March of 2012. The video turned out to be one of the hottest video of 2012 and was laster re-released by KONTOR RECORDS GERMANY.

In 2011 LayZee decided work on a new single for the summer. He got to work with Kendrick a younger from Hannover who he has been producing and training for the music business as a feature for his new single. Two wrote the song with Hamburger singer, song writer now producer Jens Froelich. In 2012 LayZee decided the song needed a remix to make more club viable, turn out to be the right move as the track 'Summertime 2012' spent 18 weeks in the Dj charts and got as high as No. 5 in the Polish Dance Charts.

Alida met LayZee over Facebook, not knowing that they both lived in the same city. They both made compliments over one anthers music and ended by saying we must work together one day. Here is the result of the two working together. A very cool and catchy pop track with and equally cool video. Set in there home town Hannover. The story is of a pop star coming to her home town to see the boy she loved. The boy is the top DJ in there home town, that always loved her before she become a pop star. But he thought he had lost his chance when she became a pop star. See how it all turns out....

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